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The Green Accord is a national scheme, operating in partnership with Zero2050

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Zero2050 Partnership

The Green Accord operates in partnership with Zero2050, an independent not-for-profit sustainability partnership specialising in environmental innovation.

If you are unsure of the capabilities of your company or supply chain Zero2050 can assist both client and supplier through the introduction of the Green Accord.


Zero2050 works with organisations, both private and public, and the wider community to help reduce their impact on the environment.  Zero2050 is at the forefront of sustainability in the UK developing and supporting innovative solutions to environmental management.  Key to this approach are pragmatic solutions that result in savings, both environmental and financial, as well as new directions for organisations as the UK moves towards a low carbon economy. 

Zero2050 and the Green Accord

We are the exclusive delivery partner of the Green Accord. We help with pre-project procurement assessment of the client, launch events for the project as well as 1 to 1 support and training workshops for suppliers. The workshops are tailored to ensure their relevance and utilise our proven skills at organisational engagement and practical actions. As the Green Accord gives the client a very precise view of the issues affecting the sustainability of their supply chains, the workshops and 1 to 1 support can be very accurately tailored to issues to help ensure effective engagement.

Zero2050 brings a proven track record of organisational engagement as well as expertise in environmental and sustainability issues affecting all sizes of organisations. We also have tools and programs, in particular the EMS Easy and Carbon Tracker tools, that both compliment the Green Accord program as well as giving practical, engaging and tangible support to those organisations that need it.

The Carbon Tracker

The Carbon Tracker is a tool that allows businesses to monitor the cost and carbon associated with their utilities, transport and procurement across multiple meters and years.


Zero2050 Carbon Tracker

The Carbon Tracker is available at a reduced rate to Green Accord suppliers who wish to gain an accurate understanding of their carbon impact as well as enabling one point of reference for all their utility usage, waste generation, procurement and transport recording.

We also offer the Tracker to those clients that wish to understand the carbon impact of their supply chain. Under this option the Tracker is incorporated into the Green Accord process.

EMS Easy

EMS Easy™ is a smart, informal and lean way of implementing an EMS. The idea behind EMS Easy is to simplify the process of certification by replacing a paper-based approach to managing environmental performance, with something more visual, engaging and intuitive, taking as its starting-point ‘what is happening on the ground’.
Implementation using EMS Easy typically takes 6 to 9 months, compared with the usual 15 to 18 months. Staff and consultancy time is, on average, reduced by 50% and ISO 14001 and EMAS certification is now possible for companies of any size. EMS Easy can benefit everyone, from sole traders to large corporations.