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The Green Accord is a national scheme, operating in partnership with Zero2050

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First Steps for Clients

I am a Client Organisation.

How do I apply the Green Accord to my supply chain?

The Green Accord is a business tool.  It will ‘green’ your supply chain, from the roots of your organisation to the tips, through a simple, practical process.  The Green Accord enables you to ensure those who supply to you employ sustainable working practices and can evidence their level of commitment to your Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Green Accord is uncomplicated and free for you to use for your supply chain.

The following steps are all that is required:

  • Identify your supply chain to which you will apply the Green Accord
  • Contact the Green Accord to plan accreditation of your supply chain
  • Communicate your intentions to your suppliers, why you require collaboration and the benefits of the Green Accord to both parties. A supplier information sheet is available for you to download to assist your suppliers through the accreditation process
  • Utilise further advice and support available from Zero2050, including pre-project client procurement assessment, launch events, one-to-one support and tailored training workshops for supplier


What are the benefits to my business?

The Green Accord is a proven supply chain process that addresses the expanding environmental responsibilities facing businesses. It demonstrates best practice and promotes the reduction of environmental impact. It’s about deeds, not words.

It makes real business impact for little cost. Through resource efficiency, the companies in your supply chain can realise real savings within their businesses, which can bear fruit for you too.

The Green Accord provides: 

  • A scalable solution for all or part of your supply chain. It can be quickly and easily applied to all procurement types and to companies of all sizes, ensuring they meet your standards and assisting you in reducing environmental damage
  • Added value to your supplier relationships. Assists in supplier engagement, especially so with SME's
  • The potential to reduce costs through resource efficiency. Driving down administration costs, providing for a more competitive supply chain, through added value of Green Accord practices and long term efficiency savings achieved by suppliers
  • An improved business perception, both internally and externally. Recognition for your sustainable procurement practices, improving your image and supporting your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The opportunity to measure the carbon in your supply chain, through incorporating the Carbon Tracker provided by Zero2050
  • Expert support is available throughout the implementation process including Zero2050’s cost effective and targeted training for you and your supply chain
  • Implementation has minimal impact on resources
  • A simple to use Self Assessment that offers a wealth of guidance to help suppliers through the accreditation process
  • A low cost accreditation fee for suppliers and a free business supply chain tool to client organisations. The accreditation fee is paid individually by suppliers direct to the Green Accord:

    Fewer than 5 employees £100 + vat
    5 to 250 employees £200 + vat
    Over 250 employees £500 + vat

    The Fee covers a robust audit of the assessment that is valid for 2 years and a certificate and media to promote their environmental excellence


The Green Accord’s Self Assessment drives fair competition by allowing companies of all sizes the opportunity to demonstrate their green credentials and, through three levels of accreditation, incentivises businesses to improve and achieve a higher level of Green Accord Accreditation, therefore making greater environmental savings.